Sylipsis is a US corporation located in Boston, Massachusetts, with an international presence in Athens, Greece; London, UK; and Berlin, Germany.

Sylipsis focuses on entrepreneurs with a viable idea or concept in the hard science fields and provides the structured commercialization “environment”; providing the entrepreneurs the skills, knowledge, and resources required to build, test, deploy, and successfully bring their product to market.

The unique commercialization approach that Sylipsis has pioneered and successfully developed provides technology startups and early stage entities with a full stack of premium quality services that are consumed only as needed in their business life cycle.

For Sylipsis clients, the process results in a 360-degree management of risk factors, making client companies effectively pre-qualified for investors and Venture Capital firms.

Sylipsis can provide its clients with top-quality office space through its company, Seeders,  a high-value high-quality co-working office and meeting venue set in an ideal and convenient location in Neo Psyhico in Athens, Greece, very close to Metro stops, restaurants, shops, and main transportation routes.

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